Wednesday, June 25, 2014

First Appointment with the Builder

Thank you for your support on this new project. It means a lot to me.

When we purchased the house, we were told we would have 2 meetings with the builder. The first one to discuss the options regarding electrical and structural changes, and the second one to make the final choices: tiles, cabinets, flooring, colors...

We had no clue about what we could request the builder to add or to remove.

After reading the forum - - we understood it much better.

Basically, what we understood is that all these upgrades should be made by the builder to avoid warranty issues and we are not going to start breaking the walls of a new house, eh?!

Here is the thing: we don't have a big budget for upgrades so we can't spend too much. However, the builder only tells us the prices during  the meeting. And our decision must be made on spot.

The meeting took 1 hour and we didn't feel pressured to buy any upgrades.

Here are the things we decided to go with:
  • Central light and switch in living room
  • Additional receptacle and cable for TV above the fireplace (in case we decide to have a TV there)
  • 3 additional lights with one switch over the breakfast bar
  • Rough-in water line for fridge
  • Rough-in for OTR microwave
  • Valance light in kitchen cabinets
  • Frameless glass shower (master bathroom)
  • Shower light - recessed with waterproof trim

We didn't get pot lights (will be done later), sliding door to backyard (builder didn't allow), smooth ceiling on second floor and conduit from basement to attic (we thought that it wasn't a priority).

This was just the first meeting and we spent a little over our budget. Can you imagine the second meeting, where the fun begins?

For you to have an idea, here are some pictures to illustrate some of the upgrades:

3 pendant lights over breakfast bar - image from HGTV

Frameless shower

I really hope we have made the right choices, what do you think?


  1. The house will be amazing! I can imagine! :)


  2. I bet it's gonna be very charming!

  3. As I know you both I´m pretty sure it will be cozy.

  4. It's very interesting! This moment is great and important.

  5. It will be awesome !
    The second meeting will be the best, I think.

    Take Care.


  6. Thanks for so nice ideas and comments! So useful.
    Congratulations and success for you!!!
    Best regards,
    Veronica Caldas