Sunday, October 2, 2016


As you might already know, we have a four-legged daughter (a.k.a dog) and her name is Kiara, however I didn't have a chance to properly introduce her.

Kiara is a 9-year-old Lhasa Apso who loves to play, walk the neighbourhood and travel with us. She is a great companion.

It is so good to get home from work, open the door and ... there she is, happly wagging her tail waiting for us. We take her for a walk everyday. She is a bundle of joy.

Most of the time you will see her with a bow on her hair (stylish). She likes it!

When we moved my first concern was to find a doctor (vet) for her, and mission accomplished! Even before we had a family doctor, Kiara had already gone for a complete check-up.

We are so thankful for having her!

Kiara visiting Ottawa

Graduation day!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We are back - part II

I am wondering if someone is still visiting the blog or if you guys gave up on me. I don't blame you since I haven't been posting for a while. However it is never too late to pick up from where I left.

Many things happened since my last post but the 3 events that I need to highlight here are: 1) the builder came to fix the points listed in our 1 year inspection; 2) my mom and my aunt came to visit us for 2 weeks and,... 3) we became Canadians!!!!!

As I mentioned before, the builder came and fixed some cracks and nails popping from the wall however they don't sand or paint over the area they worked on. I've heard about this, but I was hopeful they would paint it for us. Now it is time for us to start and hopefully finish another project.

We went to Home Depot and bought all the necessary equipment: sandpaper, brushes, safety glasses, tray and other stuff. I have a confession: We have never painted any wall before!!! Ok, I understand it is just a touch up that needs to be done in each room. Even though this project will be quite interesting

Take a look at some areas we have to work on:

I will be back with the final result (good or bad)!