Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Nursery ideas - part I

Hey guys,...

As I mentioned in a previous post, my idea for the nursery is to have white crib and a white dresser. The rocking/gliding chair I am not so sure yet.

I always liked the sleigh crib - the one with the"headboard"that goes against the wall. But right now I am second guessing myself since we have seen one at Pottery Barn that is really cute,... a little more traditional, but cute.

Sleigh Crib

Kendall crib from Pottery Barn

Ikea furniture is always an option, right?,... 

Ikea crib - Gulliver
Not so sure what to do now,... but I know we gotta make a decision soon, since we are 27 weeks pregnant. Another thing to consider is that, Ikea cribs/mattresses size are slightly different from all other cribs.

Also, instead of buying a changing table or a "baby dresser" (the dressers from the baby stores), we decided to go with Ikea Hemnes dresser. I believe it will work perfectly, with great room for storage!

Ikea Hemnes dresser

My plan is to paint the nursery with a greyish neutral color, and one wall (the one where the crib goes) will be a darker grey; and mostly all the other decoration - pillow, throws, crib skirt,... will be in shades of pink.

What do you think of these ideias?

Next post I will make a list of the things we already got for the baby!

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