Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Summer Events in Toronto - Jazz Festival & Taste of the Danforth

I love Summer,... don't you? And also everything that comes with it,.. the sun, blue skies, outdoor activities, barbecue, and the street festivals.

There are many street festivals happening around Toronto and GTA during this time and it is a great opportunity to learn about other cultures, meet new people, try different food (and eat again the delicious ones).

Among all the street festivals in Toronto, there are 2 that we used to go every year: Beaches Jazz Festival and Taste of the Danforth.

The Beaches Jazz Festival is an event that celebrates many styles of music. It happens during the month of July, however the main event (in my opinion!!!!) will be happening this weekend - The StreetFest - July 27 & 28.

Basically Queen street east is closed to traffic from Woodbine Avenue to Beech Avenue (almost 2.5 km) and this season over 45 bands will entertain the public that enjoy music. Each band plays 4 times for 30 minutes. It is magical to walk on the street enjoying live music, it is such an energizing event.

This is also a good opportunity to have those munchies from the food trucks or "Street Fest Food". Honestly,... my mouth is watering right now thinking about the corn in the cob, fried cassava and the funnel cake (not really healthy).

This is an event that we love to go, chiefly with our great friends Ana & Jose. And they are up to a new challenge this year: introduce Isabella to the Jazz Festival. She LOVES music since the womb. My only concern is that the music might be a bit too loud for her. I will take her baby earmuffs that we got when we traveled to Brazil last year (the fireworks were too noisy for her).

Baby Banz Earmuffs

I searched on my computer for some pictures from the previous festivals we had been to and unfortunately I couldn't find any photo. This year there will be some pictures (for sure!) and you can see them on our social media channels - follow us on Facebook & Instagram!

For more information on the Jazz Festival click here.

The Taste of the Danforth is a street fest that happens at the east side of Toronto at Danforth st., aka "Greektown". This year it will happen from August 10-12.

Restaurants from the area, usually local vendors, set up small food stations on the street offering taste menus. When in Greektown don't miss the opportunity to try authentic greek food. Usually there are long lines for the gyro - we have one every year at the event. For those who don't know, gyro is a greek dish with meat (cooked in a vertical rotisserie), tomato, tzatziki (greek sauce) and French fries wrapped in a flat bread.

There are also performances from dance groups, artists and bands in 3 different stages along the Danforth.

So, what should you expect when going to this festival? Food, food and more food,... music and Opa!!!!,... the greek atmosphere all around you. It will be very difficult not to have a wonderful time at this event.

For more information on the Taste of the Danforth click here.

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