Monday, October 29, 2018

Getting Ready for Halloween

October is here and now that we already celebrated Thanksgiving it's time to think about Halloween.

In fact, I think I am starting a bit late this year. Anyways,...

This is Ron's favourite celebration of the whole year. He gets extremely excited about Halloween and if it were only up to him, the entire house would be the home of skeletons, bats and creepy creatures.

I have to admit that I am also excited about Halloween, specially because Isabella started understanding what is going on around her. The other day we went to the supermarket and she had fun walking in the middle of the inflatable outdoor decorations.

We already got a few necessary things for this year, but I still have things in my TO DO list:

  • Isabella's costume
  • Dad's costume
  • Mommy's costume
  • Treats
  • Decoration
  • Cookie cutters
  • Bake cookies


Last year we didn't plan in advance, except from Isabella's costume. The reason for this was because we had family visiting for the month of October (here is our beautiful niece holding Isabella) and we were a bit busy. Isabella was a such a small baby, but it didn't keep us from having a bit of fun. She was a cute baby unicorn.

I was someone from Gryffindor,... yep,... Harry Potter fan here (big time)!!!!!!! And daddy was,.... was,... well, he was someone 'friendly/scary'.

We also got Isabella a day time outfit, needless to say that she really liked it!

So this year we already got her costume - stay tuned on our Instagram for the big reveal on Halloween Day! And there will be a post telling you everything about her Halloween experience. I am also considering having a family theme. We still have to find our costumes for this family approach.


We have some decoration around the house to set the mood for halloween,... nothing big. Each year we set a budget to spend and add a few more items to our "collection". We already have our friendly vampire in our garden and some spider webs and sparkly spiders on the porch.

I like to add small things on our days to set the mood as well,... I mean, you don't need to spend a lot. We got some straws, ziplocks,....

I am also planning on baking some sugar cookies. I got so excited with the cookie cutters with the halloween theme when I saw them, I thought ir would be fun baking with Isabella! I love baking and I wish I had more time for it. I will share the pics from the result with you!

Halloween is so much fun!!!!! Isabella already has a Jack-o'-Lantern treat bucket. Right now she uses it to carry her colourful toys around the house. The other day she was "helping" mommy to fold the clothes and she stuffed it with the socks to be taken to her room. I thought it was a pretty smart move,... but I don't know if she was just playing or she really meant to take all of them in one trip - I like to think that she is a clever baby!!!!

Ok, this is it for now,... hope you guys have a lovely Halloween,... and keep warm!

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