Thursday, July 9, 2015

We are back!

I know, ... I know,... It's been a looooong time.

But we are back full of ideas, projects, pics for you.

As you know we a first time home buyers so our projects will be an adventure (for us). I promise you will be able to follow all our trials, experiments, embarrassing/humorous mistakes and our victories.

So many things happened during this time: we had our 30-day inspection as well as our 120-day inspection; we went to Brazil to visit family and Kiara (our pet) traveled with us; the same day we left on vacation, the builder put our sod (there will be a post to tell you, with details, all the drama!); we started our first Ikea project; all our appliances are installed now (last one - OTR Microwave) was installed last weekend - seriously!

Talking about it, we installed the appliance ourselves. It took us about 3,5 hours to get it done. It was a lot of work. The most difficult part was to make sure we didn't "catch"/damage any electrical wiring and also find the studs. We have a stud finder, however it wasn't that easy to find the studs.

The tools we used for this project were: level, driller and screwdriver.

In the end, everything worked fine. Check the pics with our before & after.



Our next projects for the kitchen area include: backsplash, 3 pendant lights (over the breakfast bar), high chairs and maybe crown moulding (cabinets).

What do think about our kitchen?

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