Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Temporary shades

I decided to write about something that most of you are familiar with, however I have lived in Canada for almost 3 years without knowing they existed. Yes, I am talking about Temporary Shades.

Before moving into our home we rented a small apartment and I was hesitant to install any type of shade because I didn't want to make holes in the walls. Honestly, I didn't want to give property management excuses to charge us for "fixing" them later.

I didn't know temporary shades existed.

They are a great solution if you want/need to have some type of covering on your windows for privacy until you feel you are ready to buy the "final" ones.

The shades we bought are called Redi Shades and we got them at Home Depot. You don't need any type of hardware to install them. We used a utility knife to cut accordingly to fit in our windows. The top of the shades come with an adhesive stripe, you just peel off the protective backing and stick the adhesive in place.

In the beginning all our shades kept falling every two days and I didn't understand what was going on. I talked to a friend who told me she has had hers for a long time and never had any issues. She sent me a pic of her shades and it made me realize that I stick them in the wrong place.

Since then, every time one of them fell, we re-stuck it in the correct place.

You can find the shades in different styles, I got the white shades for our home, but they also have a blackout style.

This type of shades are a great temporary solution and they are not expensive. So you can get some privacy until you decide which window coverings you want permanently.

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